Learn How To Store Paintings In A Storage Unit Properly

Posted on: 21 September 2015

If you own ample pieces of art and need to store some pieces until you can move into a larger living space, it is important to make sure that you store the artwork properly. Many people do not realize how easily paintings can become damaged and how delicately they need to be handled. The following guide walks you through a few tips for storing artwork properly.

Choose a Temperature Controlled Storage Unit 

When you are storing paintings, you want to be sure that they are stored at a constant temperature. Temperature changes within a storage unit can cause condensation or humidity to develop. If this occurs, the paint on the canvases could be ruined and cause the entire painting to be destroyed.

Take Your Time When Carrying the Pieces

You need to be sure that you do not rush the storage process. Be sure that you carry each painting individually with one hand on either side of the frame. If you try to carry more than one painting at a time, you could damage the paint on one of the paintings.

Stack the Paintings Safe

Create a pallet to lay the paintings on in the storage unit. Foam egg crating that is used as a mattress topper in many homes can be the best form of padding to use when stacking the paintings. Place the crating on the floor, use a pair of scissors to trim it the size you need, and then lay a painting on top of it. Place a piece of acid free paper on top of the painting and a clean cloth on top of that. Next, place another piece of the crating on top of the painting and carefully stack the next painting on top of the painting. Repeat the process to protect all of your paintings.

Only Stack Paintings of Equal Size

You need to be sure that you are only stacking paintings on top of one another that are the same size. If you stack smaller paintings on top of larger paintings, it can cause the canvas of the larger painting to stress under the weight and ultimately ruin the paintings.

Be sure that you check on your paintings on a regular basis. You want to be sure that the canvas is not sagging and that the paint has not started to crack. Be sure to rotate the paintings regularly to ensure the frames and canvases have equal weight placed on them throughout the time you store them. Contact a local storage unit, like Santa Monica Mini Storage, for more tips.