4 Things To Do To Make Your Last-Minute Move Easier

Posted on: 16 August 2016

When you're moving at the last minute, there are lots of things you probably wish you would have done sooner. Never fear! There are a few quick things you can do to make your life easier. 

Go Room By Room and Eliminate

The first thing you should do is go through all the rooms in your home one by one and eliminate things you don't need. If they're going to make it harder to move quickly, are inexpensive, or are replaceable, it's time to let them go. Things like souvenirs you don't want, trinkets you don't need, or even bath supplies you have multiples of can go; you're trying to make it easier to pack, and getting rid of things is the best way to do that. 

Pack Essentials

If you're limited on time, you might not be able to take everything. Instead, look around and start packing essentials. Remember to pack things like:

  1. Medications
  2. Pots and pans
  3. Electronics that would be expensive to replace
  4. Towels or bed covers
  5. Utensils
  6. Clothing

As long as you have access to food, water, clothing, and shelter, you have everything you need. Keep this in mind if you have to pack rapidly. 

Set a Number of Boxes for Each Room

If you have more time to pack, say a day or two, and want to make sure you cut down on clutter at the same time, set a number of boxes in each room and make sure you don't pack more things than you can fit inside. That means if you put two boxes in the bathroom and aren't able to fit your shower curtain and your massive makeup collection, something has to go. How does this help? It makes you prioritize what you need versus what you want, helping you unpack easier when you reach your final destination.

Hire Last-Minute Movers

If you can't bear to part with anything and don't have time to pack before you need to leave, hiring last-minute movers like Modern Movers, Inc. can be the best solution. These people come to your home with boxes and packaging materials, pack all your items, move them, and unload them in your new home. They may even unpack them for you, depending on the service. This takes all the hassle out of moving and makes sure you get everything you want from your home. 

These are just a few tips to consider if you're rushing to pack to move. With patience and a decisive mind, you can move quickly.