Do You Stage Homes For A Living? Make Use Of Self-Storage For Easy Staging

Posted on: 18 August 2016

Staging is an essential part of turning someone's home into one that looks appealing to buyers. The most important thing when a homeowner decides to sell their property is the way it looks. You may be the person that assesses their home and provides them with staging solutions to sell the home quickly. While you may be doing well and growing over time, you can do even better with a storage unit.

Protect Furniture with Climate Control

It is not uncommon for people to not have the right furniture to appeal to the largest crowd. Furniture in colors such as shades of black, white, and brown are the kind of neutral tone you want to go for. So, you may end up getting to know furniture rental companies well because of how much you work with them. Renting a storage unit allows you to cut out the middle man and supply the furniture yourself. It is important to get climate control because all wood and leather pieces need climate protection.

Make Your Services More Enticing

Normally, when you work with homeowners to rent furniture, you have to charge them for the entire price that you end up paying to get the furniture into your possession. A living room and dining room will run you a minimum of $300 per month, which can easily add up over the course of several months. But, with you owning the furniture, you can dictate the price and offer extra competitive rates. This will be extremely helpful for homeowners who are looking for the most affordable home staging professionals.

Enjoy Multiple Tax Write-Offs

Since furniture is expected to last a long time, you cannot just write off the total price that you pay for each piece on your taxes the following year. You must use the deprecation of business assets method. So, you will still save a considerable amount of money over time by buying and using furniture. You will just have to do some research on the receipts, expected lifespan, and the percentage to write off the first year. If you bought furniture right in the middle of the year, you can only deduct 50% depreciation.

By purchasing your own furniture, you can make sure everything will look great for staging purposes. A storage unit will become an essential part of your business, and the good thing is that you can always upgrade to a larger unit if you end up needing to get more furniture by picking up so many clients. To learn more contact a furniture storage facility in your area.