Get the Most Out of Your Moving Company with Solid Preparation

Posted on: 29 September 2016

If you are moving and need the help of a residential moving company, there are ways you can prepare to make the move easier. It's important to understand that most moving companies are paid by the hour, so the more work you can do ahead of time, the less time the move will take overall. Remember that many moving companies have a list of items that they won't move due to safety reasons. Check with the local mover that you want to hire to see if there are any restrictions such as of food, pets, or chemicals and prepare to move these items on your own.

Get Organized

When you have the ability to pack up your belongings, you should get as organized as possible. Use appropriate boxes for your items, carefully labeling each box so that the moving company knows what room to put the box in. Throw away or donate any items you no longer need, and pack as much as you can ahead of time before your moving day.

Check for Prohibited Items

If you are planning on having the moving company pack up your house and move it, you will need to know what items they won't take. When your home needs to be completely cleared out in one day, you will need to know what items are going to be left behind by the movers. For your own protection, you should move any cash, live animals, and important paperwork on your own.

Insure Your Belongings

Items get damaged during the moving process, and you should make sure that your belongings are insured. You can choose the insurance coverage offered by the moving company or purchase your own independently. Remember that if you have packed your belongings, and they get damaged because of poor packaging, you will be liable for the damages unless they are covered by an insurance policy.

Offer Water and Quick Snacks to the Movers

Moving can be very tiring for professional movers, and offering some water and snacks that are easy to grab can make a big difference. When you want to get the most out of the movers helping you, it can be beneficial to provide them with snacks to keep up their energy.

When you are ready to move, take the time to research different moving companies in your area by doing things such as searching online or visiting this site